Monday, June 22, 2009

the pita pit

★★★★★(5 stars)

almost every time we go to lawrence, we eat at the pita pit. the first pic is a little older, but i was vegan at the time (just not running this blog yet). to start with, the pita pit is open late. like after-bar-show-ends-late, which is quite awesome because that is usually why i'm in lawrence in the first place.

they have a smattering of vegan and vegetarian friendly options - including fresh cooked falafel... all in convenient to-go wraps. the first time i went, they were really awesome in helping me make my falafel wrap vegan, steering me to which sauces would be acceptable. for the vegan, they have garden, hummus, baba ganoush and falafel pitas. i've tried them all and each was as tasty as the last. they also have feta and other cheese varieties for the vegetarian crowd.

for a quick-bite type of place, they are really clean and whip up those wraps in no time. they never skimp - my eats are always wonderfully overstuffed with yummy veggies. and you can pick between white or wheat pitas!

miss v's tip: try their hot sauce and hummus on a falafel pita... mercy!

the pita pit

locations (2 local):
44 ne sycamore street
lee's summit, mo 64086
phone: 816.554.7482

1011 mass street
lawrence, ks 66044
phone: 785.856.2500


Emmett losing weight said...

Ohh, looks very good and tasty!

Emmett said...

You have to come to Vegas and do some reviews for me, lol. Looks very good!