Sunday, November 2, 2008

mr. le's sushi

★★★★(4 stars)

mr. le's is a sushi, japanese and vietnamese food restaurant in north kansas city. this rating is based on their sushi menu, and awesome miso soup. they use hoisin sauce in their vegetable delight, which is veg*n (lee kum kee), so it's sweeter, but at least it's not oyster sauce. they also have vegetable fried rice (contains egg) and veggie stir fry noodles (not sure if it's vegan, but probably vegetarian), which is probably that extent of their veg*n dinner options.
they have edamame and vegetable tempura as veg*n appetizers. both are good, but not necessarily the best i've ever had.

they have four veg*n rolls - the avocado, the cucumber, the oshinko maki (pickled radish), and the vegetable roll (pickled radish, avocado and cucumber). this is pretty typical for the area - i've only been to one other sushi restaurant in the kc area that has more than four veg*n rolls, and some have even less. however, they give free miso soup with every sushi order - insane!

we've been three times in the past five days (uh, we were on a sushi kick), and their service is pretty consistent. mr. le makes most of the sushi, and has an assistant that helps him out. all three times i thought the rolls could be tighter, but in general, it's pretty good. they have sushi happy hour every day from 3-6, and this place fills a noticeable sushi void in the north kc area, which also helps its rating.


5024 ne parvin road
kansas city, mo 64117