Friday, May 21, 2010

the brick

(3 stars)

i've been wanting to write a review of the brick for a while now, but have never found the right time to go and scour what is truly vegan.  we finally found the opportunity when a local band was playing, and headed down early so we could grab some grub.  they have a separate section of vegetarian options on their menu - probably more options than any other bar in kansas city.  unfortunately, their 'hipper-than-thou' staff seriously detracts from the underwhelming food.

granted, it's not the first time i've had server/bartender issues there before, but you always go hoping for the best.  we were the only people there at the time, and i politely inquired about the bun the portabello burger is served on.  the bartender checked, then came back and told me 'no', it's not vegan, and then walked away.   i had to flag her down and ask about some other options, and she seemed frustrated that i was bothering her.  as i said, we were the ONLY people there.  finally, she found a lady in the kitchen who came out an offered two bread options - the pita bread or a wheatberry wrap.  i was happy and decided on the wrap.  unfortunately, the end result wasn't all that great.  it was flimsy, and not very veggie stuffed.  it certainly seems a little overpriced.  not to mention, this all came after they told us the kitchen was closing late, and then rushed us to make an order at like 8pm.  whatever.

so truthfully, they only have two vegan options because the veggie burger has eggs. and they weren't all that impressive (seriously, check out the record bar's wrap in comparison).  and, of course, it isn't served up by super friendly staff or anything, so that also kinda detracts.  i give them props for having a robust vegetarian section on their menus, but the final product is sort disappointing (especially for vegans).  i went there thinking i would surely give them four stars, and i'm only giving them three because of all the vegetarian options.  otherwise, this is a two star vegan joint (with good music).  bummer.

the brick


1727 mcgee
kc, mo