Saturday, March 6, 2010

waldo pizza

★★★★★ (5 stars)

valentine's this year consisted of a two day affair, culminating with a trip downtown to waldo pizza.  we've been here before, but the last time was to meet up with eric prescott and his crew from i'm vegan.  (i'm not in the documentary, but he contacted me while he was in kc just to have a casual dinner).  anyways, that didn't seem like the most appropriate time to bring my camera, and i haven't been back since.  i don't know why - we love pizza it's good enough to eat every night - but we live up north and only occasionally head in to the city for dinner.  most likely because i'm usually cooking at home.

anyways, as i said, this place rocks for vegans.  they have both soy cheese and vegan cheese (so be sure and specify) - the vegan is follow your heart mozzarella.  they run it through the oven twice to make it melty, which just shows how awesome they are to vegans.  you can also get the bread sticks, sandwiches, etc. with the fyh mozzarella.  on this visit we got the veggie pizza, and since neither one of us likes onions, we substituted half zucchini and half roasted corn.  we were a little nervous about the corn, but let me tell you - it rocks!  i wish we'd gotten the whole thing with roasted corn - it was a delicious surprise, for sure.  apparently, they also have some kick ass vegan cupcakes.  i don't really like dessert or sweets all that much (despite my love of baking them), so i've never actually had one. 

it's about as expensive as any non-chain pizza restaurant, but they have great specials on certain days (check their website).  they also have a gluten-free menu, and the staff really seems to know what they are talking about.  and if you get bored while you wait for your dinner, they have trivial pursuit questions that you can test your date with.  of all restaurants in kc, i would recommend this in my top 5 for vegans.

(this review was written about he original located in kansas city - i just found out they have one in lee's summit too!)

waldo pizza


7433 broadway
kc, mo

rollins meadows @ douglas square
lee's summit, mo