Sunday, November 15, 2009

bo lings

★★★★★(5 stars)

a couple weeks ago, the husband and i decided to go to bo lings chinese restaurant for dinner. there are several locations in the area, and i've been to four of them. i admit that they are all very good, but i absolutely loved the server during this particular visit. he was quick, funny ("go team!") and all together on top of things. of course, i forgot my camera, so you'll have to make do with camera phone quality.

we started with a yummy appetizer of crispy eggplant, which is egg wash free. it's served with a divine soy and ginger dressing which i could have slurped down. there was a lot - too much for two people, but we managed to put it away anyways. :)

for my entree, i decided to try something new and went for the tofu family style. note: both the tofu family style and tofu w/ black bean sauce are made with chicken broth, but if you request, the will substitute water. you really can't taste a difference. as usual, generous portions and spot-on flavour. the husband got vegetable lo mein, and said it was delish as well. its made with egg noodles, so it's only for vegetarians who eat eggs. my all-time favourite dish is the sichuan green beans, which i've tried to recreate at home.

overall, bo lings serves some of the best chinese food in the city. my only complaint is that the tofu could cut cut a bit smaller so it's not as tofu-y in the center. i'd guess that i cut each piece of tofu into about 3 separate bites. and the best part is they've got a great selection of vegetarian and vegan options. you can see all the options on their website. oh, and don't eat your whole meal because their take home bags are pretty awesome.

bo lings

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