Sunday, February 6, 2011

circqe d'alex

★★★★(4 stars)

three words: vegan hot dog.  life changing, my friends.  so, i'm over-hyping.  in fact, i never have really enjoyed a hot dog, vegan or not.  but as soon as i saw this place, i was on a quest to go and enjoy a hot dog.  mostly because i wanted to support a place in kansas city that would have a vegan hot dog.

so the place isn't really my style.  it's very 'carnivalesque' and definitely geared for kids (i am without child).  it was a visual onslaught of bright colors, clown pictures on the ceiling, and weird plastic chairs. yet, i know some people (and their kids), would feel right at home.  despite the awkwardness, the husband and i forged ahead and ordered two vegan dogs.   it was pretty awesome - you could order it in a number of different styles - chicago, coney island, etc., or you could customize your toppings.  we went ahead and got chicago style, which has onions, tomatoes, sport peppers, relish, etc., and then retired to our weird plastic chairs to wait for impending deliciousness.  they steam the dogs to order, so it ended up taking 15 minutes or so before our order was brought to our table.  the wait was worth it, as we finally  presented with two 'designer' dogs...  they looked just like the picture!   and man, these rocked.  about halfway through, we decided we needed two more....

i'm completely recommending this place, for those with kids or without.  i'll probably get mine to go in the future to avoid the kiddos whining about ice cream, but that's just me.  overall, this is kind of a unique place in a kansas city, and a huge step for the vegans.  (i did call twice to confirm the dogs were 'vegan' - they are).  unfortunately, i can't review the veggie chili since they were out when we went.    but, i just visited their website and they now have a 'muffuletta' dog, which you know i have to try!

cirque d'alex

7308 tiffany springs parkway
kansas city, mo

7107 nw barry road
kansas city, mo