Thursday, December 2, 2010

café cedar

★★★★★ (5 stars) 

one day we planned a jaunt up to parkville, mo for a friend's block party.  however, being aware that our veg-friendly diet usually means snacking on a veggie tray at parties, we decided to stop in town for small a bite to eat first.  that sort of backfired in our face.

now, the reason it backfired:  so much awesomeness to choose from!  like two kids at a candy store - when we find large selections of food that we *can* eat, we have trouble with moderation.  this was supposed to be just an appetizer to hold us over to the block party veggie tray, but turned into a full-on food fest. to start off, the husband could not resist getting the appetizer for two - which consisted of falafel, taboulei, baba ganoush, hummus, stuff grape leaves, spanakopita (not vegan), and warm pita bread.

typically we split a normal appetizer, so we were feeling a little full already and decided to put the breaks on.  we split the cauliflower sammie (Karnabeat), but it also came with a side salad.  our waitress, who had an awesome australian accent, had previously chatted with me about my veganism and made sure they took the feta off my salad (i had totally forgot to request it).  she even let me know that the salad dressing was vegan without me asking!  i love when i get service like this.

after we wrapped up an extremely messy meal, we bid adieu.  i don't think i ate one damn veggie at the block party...  i was so stuffed i could have popped at any minute.  the only thing i can saw that isn't a glowing review is the menu is both 'mediterranean' and 'american'.  it's sort of an odd combo.  however, if you know what you are going for, it's not a bid deal.  café cedar totally rocks and if you are anywhere near parkville, missouri, this place is a must.

café cedar

2 e. 2nd street
parkville, mo  64152