Friday, April 24, 2009

matsu japanese restaurant and steakhouse

(3 stars)

my mother and i grabbed a couple rolls of sushi here before we went the museum. it was quite tasty. as with most sushi restaurants in kansas city, there are only 2 or 3 veggie-friendly rolls. i've also had the seaweed salad from here, and recall that it was quite tasty.

we went during off hours (like 2pm) so we didn't have a problem with service, but i have heard negative things. however, our server was quite friendly, and even offered to photograph my food for me (he mentioned something about being a photographer).

you can't really mess up an avocado roll, so i can't judge on that. and the veggie roll that i had was pretty tasty... i think there was one other option for veggies, but i don't remember what it was (nothing impressive). i like when i find sushi restaurants that have creative veggie rolls, instead of just your standard 'vegetable mix' and 'avocado.'

pricing was a little over average, but nothing outrageous. the side of the restaurant we sat on was nice, although the other side looked a bit shady. the bathrooms were so-so, and certainly weren't as clean or nice as you would think from the restaurant atmosphere.

overall, nothing to write home about, but i didn't leave disappointed. i certainly wouldn't drive out of my way to go there, but if i was in the neighborhood, i'd probably eat there again.

no website

427 westport road
kansas city, mo 64111

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Boyon said...

How do you feel to be a vegan? Share me your experience... :)