Tuesday, February 10, 2009

on the border (national chain)

★★★★(4 stars)

although i normally prefer the local mexican establishments in kansas city, if i had to pick a nation chain, on the border would be my favourite.

their salsa is really scrumptious, and they have the best guacamole that they make at your table. in general, i tend to stay away from re-fried beans unless i know they are vegan - on the border is no exception. but their black beans (ordered without cheese) are vegan. i also order corn tortillas, if i plan on eating them, because they are usually vegan. this particular time, i got the portabello fajitas, no cheese or sour cream, and it was super awesome. the husband got the avocado grilled enchiladas.

they also have a 'build-your-own-burrito' option, that is good for anyone on a restrictive diet, since you can pick and choose what to put in. their fajita salad that is vegan if you order it with portabello, and their smoked jalapeno vinaigrette is vegan. their corn tortilla strips are not, so make sure to omit those if you order a salad.

all in all for a mexican place, it's pretty easy to find something to eat. and their service has never really let me down.



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