Sunday, February 22, 2009

mccoy's public house

★★★★(5 stars)

i have been going to mccoy's public house in westport since i was old enough to drive. and when i was old enough to drink beer, i started going a little more often. the folks who spend time there a weird combination of mellow hipster and casual professional types that create a perfect atmosphere where you never feel out of place. plus they have a kick-ass patio that everyone loves on kansas city summer nights.

their menu is really extensive, with a smattering of every type of cuisine. and it is all really good - i don't think i've ever had a mediocre meal here. this visit was with my entire family for a celebration, and i had the sonoma vegan wrap. so good. and my vegetarian husband (and my omni-vore mom) had my big fat greek pasta, and both were full of raves.

in the past, i've had the stir fry and black bean burger (not vegan), which were both really good, as well as the hummus. and i haven't even gotten to their beer.... i'm a fan of the unfiltered wheat - it rivals my all-time favourite (boulevard unfiltered wheat). you can even get their beer in kegs at decent prices, as my friend kim did for her graduation party.

service is friendly, and they are usually pretty quick and attentive. friday and saturday nights can get pretty busy - but you can make reservations. happy hour is also busy, although they don't have super deal prices for hh as i can recall. but no matter, it's worth it.

mccoy's public house


4057 pennsylvania
kansas city, mo 64111

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