Sunday, October 5, 2008

the thai place

★★★★(5 stars)

we went to the thai place last night for our 2 year anniversary. we first stumbled upon this restaurant about 6 months ago, and fell head over heals. it's a great place to suggest for groups or dates, because it is veggie-friendly and also offers less daring options for those who may not be food-experimental.

their online menu is a little misleading - it doesn't have everything at every location, and some locations don't have certain dishes. they list a happy hour online, but i've been to 3 locations and have still never found one. last night, we went to kc north.

our service wasn't that great, which honestly, was to be expected. i'm not really sure why, but the service is very hit or miss (at all locations). there is one server up north who doesn't even come to your table for drink orders until 7 or 8 minutes after you are seated.

i've had the veggie spring rolls several times - and they are pretty disappointing. there is not much in them except lettuce and bean sprouts. they serve it with some dipping oil (peanut oil?), which does not add anything to the dish, unfortunately. if i had to rate this place based solely on the spring rolls, i'd give it one star. seriously. we only got them last night because we were starving and couldn't find another veggie-friendly appetizer.

for our main course, the husband and i both got spicy cashew with tofu. it is our hands-down favourite item. since this was a celebration and we hadn't been there in several months, we couldn't resist the temptation. we both love spicy food - although i'm a little bit more of a spice freak. at the thai place, we order our food at medium temperature, and then also get a 'spice tray' so we can modify the heat. of course, i totally forgot to take a picture before we chowed down - we'd only split one bowl of bar pretzels between the two of us all day. so here is a picture of my dinner, once i came out of my food delirium and realized my mistake.

even though the service is only mediocre, and the veggie-appetizers are blah, i still give this place five stars. the meals and dynamite, the veggie entree options are plentiful, it is very clean and has a nice atmosphere.

**update 9/25/09: i always specify 'no fish sauce' when i order. last night, at the westport location, the server informed me that the diced green chilis on the spice tray contained fish sauce. the rest of the spice tray is vegan.

kc thai place


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