Saturday, October 18, 2008

ming garden

★★★★(5 stars)

this is my new found favourite cheap chinese take-out place. we moved up north of kansas city at the end of 2007 and found this place almost immediately. the only bummer is that we can't get delivery, but no one delivers to where we live, so i can't blame them.

they have the best veggie chinese food. they even have these fried veggie spring rolls with cabbage and mushrooms that inspired my recipe for kraut rolls. and they have the hot sauce. i have no idea why they call it hot sauce, because it isn't hot at all, but it is the best f*ing sauce i have ever had. every time i go, i grab handfuls of the packets (i know - tsk, tsk). it's the perfect combination of asian sauce and vinegar twang. if you are a vinegar lover, this stuff will change your life. i'm sure you can find it at other chinese take out joints, so look for it. ok, moving on.

the husband always gets the general tao's tofu, and i tend to always get the tofu and mixed vegetables. the tofu pieces are always the most perfect sized cubes, and often i get several deliciously crispy ones. they have tons of veggie options - more than any other cheapo chinese restaurant i've been to in kc. their menu also lists the elusive veggie and bean curd soup, which i haven't tried yet, but i'm giving them bonus points for having. the servings are huge - i can get like 4 meals out of my order (which is usually: dinner, post-dinner, breakfast, pre-lunch - yea, it's that good).


4311 ne chouteau trafficway
kansas city, mo 64117

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