Wednesday, December 16, 2009

swagat fine indian cuisine

★★★★★(5 stars)

i've been trying different indian restaurants in kansas city for the past couple of years, and i would say the swagat has been one of my favourite experiences yet. swagat is located up north of kansas city, in a shopping area called zona rosa. although the busy shopping area didn't appeal to me, i've heard good things about the restaurant and ventured up there.

the place was busy! by far the busiest indian restaurant i've been to - perhaps because of the prime location? it was nice and clean, and definitely had a "fine dining feel". we were seated and served with some (free) delicious crackers. we then ordered the vegan-friendly palak pakoras appetizer, which was a little scary looking, but so so good. it's basically deep-fried spinach, served with some dipping condiments (that i did not care for).

for dinner, i confirmed with my server what could be made vegan. the chana masala, dal makhni, bhindi masala, aloo gobhi, and aloo palak mutter are all cheese-free, but are usually made with cream. if specified, they will make it without, and so i ordered the aloo gobhi (cauliflower & potatoes). the husband ordered something with paneer, but i can't remember what and i can't tell from the photo! either way, we both loved our meals, and their naan was crispy and wonderful.

the portions were huge - i think i got three meals out of mine (although i did have an appetizer that night). the server was pretty knowledgeable about the vegan options - although he did have to check with the kitchen on one or two things. i certainly appreciate their willingness to customize so many different options. prices are pretty on par with other indian restaurants... or at least the ones i'm familiar with. i will definitely go back and would recommend it, for sure!



7407 nw 87th street
kansas city, mo 64153

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Karen said...

This is my best friend's favorite Indian place. She has to go every time she's back in KC! It's very good. Yum!