Monday, September 21, 2009


★★★★(4 stars)

i'd say nara gets a healthy four stars, partially just because they offer so many veggie options. i'm judging based on their happy hour menu, and there are least 5 different vegan options. for happy hour in kansas city that doesn't consist of french fries or chips and salsa, that's saying something.

i'm happy to say that nara, which features neo-japanese food, offers a first class veggie roll. i can't say how refreshing it is to find a kansas city sushi joint that offers something more than the avocado roll. there are a few, but i could count them on one hand. they also have hummus, edamame, spring rolls, seaweed salad and a veggie robata (which is glorified miniature veggie-skewers). and that's just their happy hour - which mind you, is at super-cheap prices. the rest of the menu has a smattering of vegetarian options, but i haven't investigated what all is vegan - i'm sticking to happy hour for now.

unfortunately, the atmosphere is a little trendier-than-thou, but if you get there early and leave early, you can avoid that crowd *if* you want to. or sometimes it's fun to go during the peak hours and people watch the ryan-adams-wannabes. i'm certainly guilty of it. :) the service is really decent, and like i said, happy hour prices are worth it alone. it is super-clean, and perfect for a quick drink or bite after work.


1617 main street
kansas city, mo

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Joy Winner-or-Whiner said...

Hey I'm originally from STL, however I have never eaten at the Blue Nile. Will check out some of the places the next time I visit.